Oct 18 ⎮ The joy of moving

Finally everything was wrapped up. We ended up with 148 moving boxes, and about 250 well wrapped pieces of furniture, art or other stuff… plus 4 totally crazed cats not understanding what was happening to them and why all their favorite toys where now hidden insides boxes or bubble wrap.

On October 18, one day before our plane was supposed to take off (now we know that reality delayed it one more day…), the overseas container arrived. A truck from Cyprus (why on earth?), a trailer from the Netherlands (and orange, too), a driver from Romania and four nice guys from Hagen whom the forwarding company had send us to pack all our stuff up. A wild international mixture, sounding like the recipe for success. Or maybe disaster, but who knows that beforehand…?!

And there we went… We didn’t have a carport which caused some confused when they arrived. Somehow, their manager who did a site inspection beforehand saw one. I wonder where… So they didn’t know where to put the stuff while waiting for the truck to arrive… Points deduction for the manager (#1). What we had instead of the carport but what wasn’t in the notes – a grand piano. Really grand. He had scribbled somewhere that we had an upright piano. But there is a huge different in size, weight and apparently also in the equipment you need to carry one. Points deduction for the manager (#2). Upon call, he really didn’t remember everything that we told him beforehand that well. Points deduction for the manager (#3). But brownie points for the colleagues who spontaneously were available to help out with the right equipment and some hands!

After several hours, the apartment got emptier and emptier, until everything was in the container. What a strange feeling… You stand in a ballroom, formerly your living room. You can see the giant orange “metal crate” outside than contains your life. We put a seal on it, so no one could (or should) snitch or add stuff, and at 3.25 pm the container took off, first stop Rotterdam.

Next stop (after a lot of water, a stop on the East Coast, the Bahamas and whatever other harbor) – Oakland, CA.



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