Jun 4 | Day 3 in three songs

Assigment Day Three: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

I never was good at picking favorites. My favorite dish. My favorite book. My favorite drink. Which three things would you take with you on a deserted island? And now this: the three most important songs in my life. Phew.

I know that probably most important does not mean the exactly same thing as ‘favorite’. Nevertheless, I have problems with both. So I think I just give you the three songs I thought about first. Might be a sign that they are the most important, or that I just listened to them recently. Here it goes…


Annie’s Song, performed by John Denver.

Some of you might find this super-über-schmaltzy. I love it. It stirs up emotions in me. Usually, I try to sing along and end up crying. It’s the way I feel about some people I really really love. Whenever I heard this song after my dad died, it made me sad, but somehow also smile. There’s so much emotion, love, compassion in there. As far as I remember, John Denver wrote it as an ode to his wife at that time, and I can see why. If the hubby and me ever get re-married again (like, to renew our vows or something), this is what I want to dance to with him.


The Space Between, performed by the Dave Matthews Band.

I love how the words and music make me feel like floating. Same as Annie’s Song, sometimes this makes me sad but it rather reminds me of how difficult but also rewarding love can be sometimes. Am I attracted to ‘sad problem sings’? Who knows… Hmm… Anyway, this song is orchestrated in a way that it still resonates in me after it is over. I love the instrumentation, and the lyrics, and the story it tells about (I think) lovers that fight hard to make their relationship work, with a rather uncertain outcome. Listen to it, and let it take you away.


Lucky, performed by Jason Mraz.

Finally, a rather happy song. Also about love, and being in love with your best friend. This is how I feel about my significant other. It’s all in there. Even if we’re not together, this makes me think of him all the time.


And an extra one, just because it is so great and one of my favorite songs ever, since I was a kid:

Changes, performed by David Bowie.

Great musician, great album (I heard it first on ‘Changesbowie’), great song. Constant reinventing was his thing during his career, and sometimes I feel like the song has never been more accurate than nowadays, for all of us who are out here. Changes happening in an instant, the world being turned upside down by technology, what’s important today is forgotten tomorrow…


I also really like rock music, don’t take me for a wimpy soft rock listener who thinks the world is a tough place to be and rather drowns herself in romance other people sing about. But somehow… these three songs got to me. Go figure.


Since a lot of the other #writing101 participants did this, but I don’t want to overwhelm this post, here are some YouTube links to the above mentioned songs. I for one recommend rather listening than watching, but that’s all up to you… 🙂

Annie’s Song (live version)

The Space Between (official video)




PS: Developing a writing habit is tougher than I thought, especially if the task at hand does not come to you easily. I am curious how I will feel about this in a few weeks.


The challenge and the original assignment can be found here: Writing 101 – Day Three



  1. super-über-schmaltzy? ist das noch englisch?
    Ich finde die Aufgaben übrigens auch gar nicht so einfach, also jetzt so beim Mitlesen, mitgemacht habe ich ja bisher nicht. Aber ich bin echt begeistert davon, wie sehr dein Englisch nach einem native writer klingt 😉


    • Eindeutig noch Englisch. ‘Über’ ist hier ganz in, und ‘schmaltzy’ – na ja, das wurde vielleicht gar direkt aus dem Deutschen übernommen, weil’s so schön (?) ist. 🙂 Danke für das Sprach-Kompliment! Ob es wirklich so ist, kann ich nicht beurteilen, aber es wird in jedem Fall immer besser. Ich muss nur mal schauen, ob die Motivation reicht, jetzt noch alles ins Deutsche zu übersetzen. 😉


  2. I, too, have problems with picking favorites or the “most”. I find certain things meaningful depending on where I am and the situation. And I must say, you have courage to pick a John Denver song! Although Annie’s Song is beautiful. P.S. – love that you are blogging in both English and German. I can barely handle one language. Laura


  3. Thanks for letting me know you also had a tough time writing this one. We should check back in with each other as this goes on and see if the habit gets easier.


  4. I totally relate to the not being able to pick favorites. I hate questions like these…they are so definite and final. Changing my mind is what I like to do. Anyway, I loved your post. 🙂


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