Jun 9 | A Character Study

Assigment Day Six: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?

Holy smoke… What did I think when I signed up for this?


Her name is Mary. We just met recently, a friend and neighbor of mine introduced us, so to speak.

Currently, Mary lives in Great Britain. She studies in Oxford, and whenever she has time off, she returns home to Sussex where she spends time with family and friends. Her interests are in chemistry and theology – an odd combination, I thought at the beginning. But she likes both subjects quite well and tries to find links between them, I think. It is good to keep an open mind, and she definitely has one.

Mary is rather young, I think. I am not quite sure about it, we didn’t talk about age. But she seems more mature than maybe her ID would suggest she is. She is tall for a young woman… Close to 6 feet, maybe even a little taller. She is not build very womanly, rather boyish – slender, long limbs, pretty athletic though. Well defined muscles in arms and the very long legs make me a little jealous (I should exercise more). She has a kind face, blue eyes, blond hair that drops over her shoulder. Her beauty isn’t striking and obvious, I would say, it is more an unconscious thing. The way she holds herself, she talks, and how she acts.

Common sense seems like her second nature. And a strong sense for justice, along with an enormous amount of curiosity about what happens in the world and what motivates mankind. I admire that trait in people. Usually, when I meet someone who is still so curious about everything, and also stays curious during his/her life, I wonder if I may have lost my own capability to wonder about things in this world, to be amazed by everyday miracles and to believe in the good deep down in fellow humans’ souls. Upon meeting Mary, I also wondered where my sense for adventure might have been over the last few years. Okay, we moved into a foreign country, and left everything behind that we knew so far, but someone, when she told some stories of what she had experienced in the UK, I felt normal, naive, boring, standard. Which is… also pretty nice from time to time, I have to admit that. Too much excitement would probably kill me. 🙂

However… I don’t know what more to tell you other than Mary immediately intrigued me. She is a fascinating character, and I hope that our short encounter so far wasn’t the last one.

Mary… Her last name is Russell. She lives in the Great Britain of the 1920s, just after World War 1. I met her in a book of a local author, where she is the unconventional sidekick of Sherlock Holmes. And we immediately became friends.

Since I haven’t finished the book yet, I suppose I don’t know everything about Mary yet that there is to know. But I will. 


The challenge and the original assignment can be found here: Writing 101 – Day Six


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