Jun 20 | Thank you!

It is Day 15 of the Writing 101 challenge (you can see all assignments and the challenge itself here).

‘Cultivate a blogging habit and stretch your writing muscles.’ is what I signed up for, and so far I enjoy it very much and it works pretty well, even if some of the assignments are really kick a** hard. But I suppose that is the stretching-the-muscles-part.

It has been fun, and I look forward to the remaining days, and those beyond. External writing stimuli have extended my horizon, and also my view into the blogosphere. I have discovered so many talented bloggers out there, and enjoy following them and reading their prompts very much. It is inspirational to see how differently people take on the same assignment and turn it into poems, essays, real-life encounters, and so much more. Some of these fellow bloggers have already found their way into my blogroll – check them out in ‘hubi|Follows’ part in the right sidebar. Thanks guys for being a part of this journey, and for sharing your thoughts with the world!

I might have to think of a different form for the blogroll though in the near future, because this tiny space might just explode… haha.

Another perk of the challenge, rapt from discovering other writers and writing more and on a regular basis: also my blog has been discovered by different other blogs out there, and for the first time since starting this project, I have a serious number of followers now. 30 already. THIRTY!!!!!! (hear my screaming this with delight and joy and amazement and a little bit of ‘I cannot believe this’)

Thank you for following me! I hope you like what you read, and if not, please leave a comment as to the ‘why’ (also leave comments if you like something, of course). If you miss something, want to know more about something, are thrilled by something – your comments and feedback are most appreciated, all the times.

Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!



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