Jun 24 | The Serial Killer (Part II)

Assignment Day Thirteen: Earlier in the course, you wrote about losing something. Today, write about finding something.


I could write about how I found my soulmate 11 years ago. But… yeah, I hear you, so boring. 🙂 By the way: he’s my hubby now. Lucky me.

I could also write about how I found my new best friend after moving over to California. But… she might be embarrassed by such an honest disclosure of my feelings and how happy I am about finding her (I think she is actually following me here).

I could write about how I found the strength I needed to face the fact my father was dying, and staying strong during that time (too depressing, right?).

Or… finding something else entirely.


The other day, I thought about my teenage years and adolescence. Maybe it was the post about where we lived when we were 12. Maybe it was the curtains again (don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the story how and when I found black-out devices for my windows). Or maybe it was something else entirely that stirred my memory. And so I found, deep in the convolutions of my brain, faded memories of my juvenile infatuation. My first big crush, being smitten by someone utterly out of reach. Puppy love. Those were the days…

I don’t remember how old I was when I first laid eyes on him. But I remember little butterflies flying through my belly, and the feeling of my cheeks blushing when my parents teased me about it.

What exactly caught my attention and made me all lovey-dovey about this guy… no idea. Maybe his soft-looking, blond hair… not short, rather a bob even, but it swished so nice in the wind and moved like in a shampoo commercial when he turned his head and ran or jumped. He did a lot of that, he was really into sports, mostly soccer. So a tall, blond, athletic guy… who wouldn’t fall for that? In addition, he had a charming smile, harmless, open, honest, one that made him look like the nice boy next door.

The age difference might have been an issue (after all, he was 14 years older than me). Since that didn’t really matter for young, innocent, and above all unanswered love, it wasn’t. 14 years wasn’t that much after all, if only I could have met him somewhere back then…

Where was I? Tall, blond, sporty, blue eyes (did I mention that beforehand? no? …so, yes, blue eyes!!!), a funny accent… okay, that one was a little hard. He was from Swabia, grew up close to Stuttgart, I think, so he had this Southern German accent that I found both charming and funny. And he wanted to be a baker at some point. A good, solid trade, usually resulting in yummy baked goods. Really down-to-earth and grounded, that was the overall impression he also gave off. But it didn’t come to the baker career – as I mentioned, he was mostly into sports.

And I was into him. For a pretty long time, I think, before real-world boys appeared on my radar and bumped him from the pedestal of my admiration. Maybe it was also a boy band, I cannot be 100 percent sure after all that time. But at some point, it happened. Still, these are really find memories and I am happy I found them in the back of my head. It made me smile, it made my day.


You might be wondering who that guy was. Easy, let me unravel that mystery for you.


These days, you also might have chance to see him, or maybe you already have. Currently, he’s on TV a lot. His name is Jürgen Klinsmann, and he is the coach of the US soccer team currently competing in the World Cup 2014. On Thursday, he meets his old team – the Germans, now trained by his former assistant (never had a crush on that one, although… :-)). May the best team win!


Picture credit: © getty / http://www.spox.com 


The challenge and the original assignment can be found here: Writing 101 – Day Thirteen


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