Jul 1 | New category: Bookworm Wednesdays

#writing101 showed me clearly and unequivocally that structure while blogging is good for me and keeps me going. So, I decided to open a new weekly category that puts a little pressure on my blogging habits and keeps me on track.

It might prove beneficial for you and me if this category would tackle a subject I am fond of. Usually, I like my writing better if I like the subject. Reading, for instance, or cooking. Or eating. Or cats. Blogging about sleeping wouldn’t go down well, I think.

My subject of choice that me, myself and I decided on is BOOKS. Yep, not the first one here, I know.

But I love books and a good read and how a few pages of paper can transport you into a whole new world far away from where you are sitting. So books it will be, then. Novels, thrillers, cookbooks (combination of two interests, great!!!), and maybe also the occasional fellow blogger, who knows?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll start by tomorrow. If not, it’ll be the week afterwards since I have to decide on a book I want to review first.


PS: Just realized (again) that since I am terrible at picking favorites, this category will probably go on and on forever, so I don’t have to pick favorites but just tell you about ALL of my favorites. Haha…


Bookworm Wednesday



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