Jul 1 | The challenge is over… what now?

Oh my god. I did it. I blogged my way through the month of June, and now this excellent, inspiration-providing thing called #Writing101 (Building a blogging habit) is over. Time flies… Some of the assignments were petty hard, some just came right out of my fingers tips and appeared on the screen. Amazing.

The habit is there now, I think. At least a little. I just wonder where the inspiration will come from. But that might be daily life, sources as the Daily Post prompt, or just whatever hits me. I also still have to write about the fact that an amazing fellow blogger – Ronovan, check his blog out here – nominated me for a ‘VIBA’ = Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thanks already for that, I appreciate it so much. It did never occur to you that someone might find me inspiring. Yay!

So, off we go, into the month of July.


And if only a day old, this month has already seen a lot happening.

My grandmother died today (we were basically strangers, but nevertheless), and with my dad already gone, that makes me the last of my ‘kind’. The last real Hubert from this family. It’s a crazy feeling, I can tell you.

The USA did not advance to the round of the last eight in the World Cup (as I said, my grandmother and I rarely talked and saw each other even less, so don’t take me for a unsentimental, non-feeling a**hole by following the first July fact with this one here; I have a lot of feelings, and am passionate about people I care about and love), and that makes me very sad too.

My stepmother had to put her beloved cat to sleep. That really saddens me, from the point of view of a cat-mom, but also since she really loved that little beast.

Most probably, my dad, their cat, and his mom are sitting somewhere in the clouds, enjoying themselves. That’s what I would like to believe anyway.


Live life as if you didn’t have a second chance. Because you don’t!



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