Jun 30 | The things we treasure

Assignment Day Twenty: For our final assignment, tell the tale of your most-prized possession. If you’re up for a twist, go long — experiment with longform and push yourself to write more than usual.


I admit, I cheated on the date. This one was due yesterday, and so I just left the ‘Jun 30’ standing there, even if today is already the first of July. Dates are nothing but smoke and mirrors anyway, right?

So, my most prized possession. The things I cherish the most are not really possessions. It’s the hubby, it’s the cats, it’s my friends, nature’s beauty, stuff like that. Did I mention friends? And sometimes even family :-).

I am pretty addicted to my iPhone, I have to admit that. But does it qualify for the ‘most-prized possession award’? I don’t think so.

Some possessions I hold really really dear and wouldn’t want to miss, lose or get rid of for anything in the world are the wedding band of my grandmother, the wedding band that my mother wore when married to my father, my wedding band (see a common thread here?) of course, but also a part of my father’s ashes, a necklace manufactured after one of my father’s sculptures, and my father’s sculptures. Wedding bands and my father. Very emotional. A lot of metal and wood in between these two subjects.

I still am unsure though if I would not give all of that up if the life of one of my loved ones depended on it. After all, things are things, no matter how irreplaceable they are indeed. You can never get them back, but maybe you have pictures. Pictures of people will never be a substitute for the real deal. Of course, pictures of things neither, but it is different somehow. I hope you know what I am getting at, or want to get at.

In a nutshell: once again, I have problems picking an ‘item’ for today’s assignment.

After beginning of this year, one might say that one of our cats which needed surgery (resulting in a horrendous bill that I would always always always pay again the result being him alive and with us for hopefully several more years of kitty cuddles and morning meowing) is now my most-prized possession. A) Because he was expensive as hell during that period. B) Because I love him. C) Because the fear of losing him showed me how much I appreciate all the hairy beasts hanging around at our house.

So i settle on three things: wedding bands, ‘memorabilia’ reminding me of my dad (some made by his own hands), and not only the one, but all of our cats. And friends. And the hubby. I don’t own him, he is far from a possession. Although sometimes I think I may be possessed by him. 🙂


The challenge and the original assignment can be found here: Writing 101 – Day Twenty


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