Jul 7 | Coming up: Bob of the Day

Not everything on this blog has to have a deep meaning. Sometimes, writing something, even something really short, can also be purely for the purpose of entertaining. I want to share some entertainment with you, so I came up with this idea:

From now on, every now and then when I get in the car, I will share with you what I hear upon getting home.

My radio either plays KAZU (NPR for the Monterey Bay Area) which probably won’t provide much entertainment. News are vital, necessary, and often about cruel stuff happening some place out there. I don’t want to spread that on hubilicious, too. Don’t take me for an ignorant. But as I mentioned in one of my former posts, I am not much of a political person. Politics happen, but in my opinion, there are way more informed people out there who should share their opinions and insights on what’s going on in the world than me.

The other thing my radio plays is music. Usually, I listen to a radio station called “Bob”. I like Bob. And since I would love to share something with you that I like, I think Bob might just be the thing.

So in the future, I’ll share either the first song with you that Bob plays when I get into the car. Or, if that song is totally absolutely irrevocably out of question for sharing because I really do not like it at all, I will pick another one from the day’s selection that I witnessed while behind the wheel.

Thanks for staying tuned, and I hope you’ll like what you hear…




What do you think about it? Let me know!


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