Jul 8 | Bob of the Day

Since I won’t go anywhere by car today*, I picked a song from last week to start with.


Today’s Bob of the Day:

Under Pressure, performed by Queen and David Bowie.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a proper video where they are on stage together, so this is the next best thing: a video edit of a concert at Wembley, and of one they apparently did together.

Two great men, one great song. Enjoy!


Is there a story to it? Yes, there is. Thanks for asking!

After the Writing101 challenge, I really missed my daily motivations / prompts. So I decided that on one hand, I had (or better: wanted) to come up with more stuff of my own. I also decided to focus a little more on other social media channels such as twitter for inspiration (and spreading the word – you can find me here, btw).

Some of my fellow bloggers are pretty active there, among them Ronovan (you can find his blog here – definitely worth a visit!). Fun thing: Ronovan just added me to a twitter list, and wrote about it. Great news! And also a little pressure on me to use twitter more and get more active.

Upon mentioning that to Ronovan, ‘Under Pressure’ stuck and left him with an “ear worm” for the day.

So when I got into the car the next day and turned on the radio, I couldn’t believe my ears. This couldn’t be a coincidence. Probably the universe telling me something. Or as Ronovan put it: “No coincidences my friend. Just messages to be listened to.” Because they played it in the version mentioned above. 🙂 And I listened to the message.



* If you ask yourself why…
Think! It’s obvious. Yes. You got it.
It’s soccer time again. 🙂
Germany vs. Brazil in the semi-finals of the World Cup 2014.
I bet you’ll be relieved when I finally don’t mention that anymore, right?! 🙂


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