Jul 12 | Awards, awards

How exciting – I just got nominated for my second award. For someone pretty new to blogging on a bigger (and continuous) scale, that is a HUGE deal!!! I’m kind of squeaking with delight right now. 🙂

A few days back, Ronovan nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you so much, and believe me, I am delighted and overwhelmed by the thought that someone thinks that what I write might be an inspiration. Awesome!

And Tempest Rose (Nonsense & Shenanigans) nominated me just today for a Liebster Award! Also my thanks to you, I very much appreciate it and am just jumping around, being childishly happy about that fact!

I am humbled, amazed, and more than glad to accept these awards that these kind fellow bloggers have bestowed on me.

Stay tuned for more about the individual awards, me properly accepting them by dedicating a post to each, by telling a little about the how & why, about the kind people who nominated me and … tough one… I also have to nominate blogs I really like, feel inspired by and want to share with you.

And with that…. off to more jumping and being happy!!! Yahoooooooo!!!!!!


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