Jul 24 | Mystery Ending (Part I)

So I found this interesting thing on The Daily Post the other day:

Start your post today, then revisit and add to it over the next several days. Watch your ideas morph and grow — you may even be surprised where your post ends up… It doesn’t matter if you’re starting this challenge on Monday or not — if you don’t get to it until later in the week, that’s fine.

In my humble opinion, the idea behind this is
a) see how ideas evolve and interact,
b) see if you manage to get it done, and
c) probably also something else. Let’s say… 42?!
d) After five days, the instructions tell you to give it a final read and hit “Publish”.

Which leads me to
e) ➾ Get started!

I can do that – challenge accepted!


So be prepared for something excellent that is currently brewing behind the scenes. It’s growing, changing shape, and its character is uncertain… Will it be a story of love or hate? Rain or shine? Meatballs or vegan club sandwich?

I don’t know yet. 🙂 But I will. And so will you in a few days! (*cough cough* it was a little longer)

Stay tuned, and chin up even if your neck is dirty!


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