Jul 24 | The “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

VIB Award

Much to my amazement, I was nominated for an award. In fact, not only one, but even two…

But one step (=award) at a time, right?!

The first surprise was a nomination by Ronovan* of ronovanwrites who deemed my sometimes rather aimless seeming word meanderings worthy of a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. 

Since I consider my blog far from being awesome, inspiring, motivational, or whatever (yes, I know I tend to be sandbagging, and I really have to work on my self esteem), I am humbled, amazed, and above all SO grateful for this award and this nomination. It shows me that maybe my words mean something to people out there, and that some of the blogosphere inhabitants (and maybe other fellows, too?!) actually read what I am writing, and follow me because they like my content. Thank you very much, Ronovan – for supporting me, and for showing me that much respect, appreciation and kindness! I really appreciate it!


Here are the Rules for the award:

1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
5. Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Okay, let’s see.

1. Check.
2. Check.
3. See below.
4. 15. In words: FIFTEEN. Oh… My… God…!!! Working on it.
5. Double-Check.


Seven facts about myself. Now it gets intimate. Here we go.

  1. I would love to be a Marvel hero for one day. But I cannot decide which one. One with awesome superpowers, that is for sure, but also one that does not wear a really idiotic costume. 🙂 At least for me, the Hulk is out of question…
  2. I am very cheeky. Rude at times. But behind all these big words and the huge “campfire” they cause, there is only a small candle flame burning that is actually me – a girl shy at heart trying to overcome and overpower her insecurities.
  3. Talking about insecurities: I have way too many. I am never satisfied with myself. I find myself too chubby. I think I am too slow. I could achieve more but I am too lazy. My impulse control sucks. I am WAY too naive (you wouldn’t believe how much given how sarcastic and wry I am) and believe the world is good and people always tell the truth. I am oversensitive when criticized by friends whom I cherish. And I am my worst critic of all and actually have problems believing that I will ever achieve anything in this world.
  4. I love birthdays, and unwrapping gifts. But I do not like to celebrate my birthday. Neither with friends nor family. It has always been like that. Funny, isn’t it? Classic catch-22: invite people = more unwrapping. do not invite people = quiet birthday. Hmm…
  5. I am a single child. With divorced parents. Both of them married again, so the family got bigger. One of those marriages resulted in a stepsister whom I usually refer to as my sister. My stepfather also has a stepfather. Make that family “bigger squared”. My husband is also a child of divorce, and both his parents are “re-partnered”, too. Our entire family is crazy big, and sometimes also just plain crazy.
  6. We have four cats. Before I met my husband, I was a dog person. In capital letters. DOG person. So someday, our little family will have one. I don’t know when yet. But I know that I along with the dog, we will have to start classes in “Speak dog, speak cat, get along”.
  7. I was a vegetarian for almost eight years. Now, I love my steaks medium-rare and eat blood sausage. Hell, sometimes I even make it myself with a friend. **
  8. The sensuality of making herb butter with your fingers overwhelms me. I love how silky the butter makes my hands. What I do certainly not love is the fact that this soft sensation is usually superimposed by the not-so-subtle smell of garlic.
  9. I would love to eat less sugars, or no sugars at all. BUT I love carbs. Potatoes, pasta, bread, you name it. And once in a while, I get this really huge craving for chocolate. And beer. And wine. So this will most likely continue to be a wish, since my self-discipline is not as strong as my need for a little indulgence. And did I mention that my impulse control sucks? Double that when it comes to food. (Side note: in the meantime, I figured out that a little indulgence is pretty good for you. If I were to listen to all health advice given out, I would be miserable. Maybe healthier, but not better off.)
  10. If you haven’t figured it out yet: I am a foodie. If I could, I would spend entire days browsing cook books, cooking jam, pickling things, finding out what to cook for dinner that night, going grocery shopping, spending time on Farmers Markets…. But neither my hips, my scales, nor my bank account would appreciate this, I think.
  11. I also love to bake. But usually, I don’t. Why? Because then someone has to eat the chocolate-truffle-delight or the banana-whitechocolatefrosting-thing or the fruit-coulis-cheesecake or the zucchini-banana-bread or the cookies and the cupcakes and everything else. And that someone might as well be me. It has happened, you know. So I might need more friends who like sweet treats… but…
  12. Often, I am not a super social person. I love my friends, and am rather someone who has a few close ones instead of a gazillion of acquaintances. A good few times, I love my friends more at a distance. I love cooking for a lot of people. But I do not like it that much when we have a lot of people over at our house. It’s an interesting dilemma. I love being around my friends, but not all at once (see point 4 – the dilemma of birthday parties). Sometimes I ask myself if I am a sociophobic. But on the other hand, I know (hope?) that I am loyal to my friends, reliable, you can have a lot of fun with me, and I am always there to listen (or try to, since in my opinion my listening skills need improvement – see point 3).


The entire “let’s do a writing challenge and see where it takes us” experience extended my awareness for other blogs, however it also turns nominating other blogs into a very difficult task. Most of the bloggers I came to like (and find inspiring by now) in the month of June were not blogging in secret. So of course, they also increased their followers during that period, and some of them have by now already been nominated for the “VIBA”. By Ronovan, or by others, or by the universe… so somehow, being more active in the blogosphere resulted in a “vicious circle of nominations” that will make it increasingly difficult to find someone who either has not been nominated yet or who is still willing to accept more awards (even of the same kind). Some blogs I really would have liked to nominate here do not even accept awards in general.

So bear with me while I try to identify the 15 bloggers that will make up the final list of my nominations.


My nominations – go (just a start, and in no particular order):

My Sweet Peanut – A Caregiver’s Journey | Lisa is a mom of two, a wife, and besides a cook/baker/lap swimmer/amateur gardener/blogger/and so much more, she also is a full-time daughter/mother/caregiver for her mom, who has Alzheimer’s.  Discover her journey and how she’s #CaregiverStrong on her blog. She is an inspiring person, and I am impressed by what she does every time I read something new.

urbandementria | From Hyderabad, India, she shares “footnotes to her life” and insights into a world that is as strange to me as it is fascinating. The way she writes is very inspiring for me. It allows me to dive in and forget the world around me… And yes, she already received a “V.I.B. Award”, but I reallyreallyreally wanted to nominate her, and make you, my dear followers, discover her, too.

Chaos Girl & the Real World | According to herself, she is an “Artist, eccentric, rebel mommy. Normal is overrated.”. I wholeheartedly agree with that. Discover this beautifully minded mess and what she writes about. Mostly, I am impressed and inspired by the way she attacks her “demons” and writes about it. Honest, from the heart, direct, no sugarcoating. I love it.

Embracing a Wounded Soul | She probably already has a ton of these in the closet, but when you see her writing, you will know why. She writes beautiful poetry, and shares what’s inside of her so that we can see and read it on the outside. I just followed her recently, but am so happy and grateful that I discovered her blog. Her search for the beauty in life despite all the other stuff happening enriches my day…


I’d love to point out that I would have loved to nominate some of the blogs you can find in my blogroll. But since some of them already received this award like… three times?!, I thought that would be a little over the top. Or unfair towards others that never had one so far and don’t know how inspiring they are. And honestly: After a while, finding seven unknown facts and finding more people to nominate might be stressful rather than a joy and delight. 🙂 So check them out on your own.

What do you think? Too long? Too much information? Too detailed? Just right? Interesting? Let me know in the comments section!



*By the way, for anyone wondering who that Ronovan guy who nominated me is, and why we came to know each other: we virtually met through the writing challenge we both took part in last month. It was definitely worth it – I discovered so many excellent blogs, different views and voices, and also about myself and my writing… Discoveries galore. 🙂 And if you have not discovered his writing yet, please leave my page immediately and go check him out. Seriously!


** Sorry for no. 8 to 12 – while compiling facts for this, I got a little carried away. But I didn’t want to delete anything… Too much information for you?!



  1. Wow..thanks so much for the nomination…I am a big foodie too and wish I could be there to taste your “chocolate-truffle-delight or the banana-whitechocolatefrosting-thing or the fruit-coulis-cheesecake or the zucchini-banana-bread or the cookies and the cupcakes and everything else”…Cheers 😀


    • You’re more than welcome. You deserve it! 🙂
      As for the baked goods: I still wait for the thing from Star Trek that makes Earl Grey (and other food) – I think it’s called a replicator or something – in combination with a “beam me here and there” device. Once I have one (or invented it), I’ll send you some of my cake! Definitely!


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