Jul 30 | Oh dear, oh dear…

Currently, I feel like the White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland”.

I’m late!
I’m late!
For a very important date!
No time to say “Hello, Goodbye”.
I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!

Anyway… maybe not that late, but kind of behind on what I wanted to read so that I could introduce you to another fantastic book on this beautiful Wednesday (sunny and fair, 77°F with a slight breeze and construction site sounds “intruding” through the open windows).

Since I haven’t finished a thing (certainly no book, but don’t get me started on other stuff, too), I decided to share what’s currently on my nightstand and waiting to be finished, started or picked up in some kind of way.


The read of the moment:

The 8th century.
Alobar, (former) king somewhere in (future) Bohemia, does not want to die and is on the run.
A little later.
Kudra, a girl in India and eventually a woman somewhere else, loves fragrances – and life.
Way later.
Priscilla, waitress in Seattle, has a makeshift lab in her apartment and works hard on some “smelly research”. Ricky, co-waitress, might make that research easier – if Priscilla lets her into her panties. Marcel, professional perfumer in Paris, has a cousin, loves whale masks and is a little off. Another perfumer known as Madame Devalier, based in New Orleans, is obsessed with jasmine and a bottle someone else has. V’lu, her assistant, is likewise obsessed (maybe a little less) and speaks funny. Then there is also someone called Dr. Dannyboy. And someone called Bingo Pajama who apparently has a helmet/hat made out of living bees. And there are beets. A lot of beets. A LOT!
I am just in the middle of this book that tackles eternal life, some obscure magic-superimportant-whatever perfume, a dubious bottle, way too many beets (especially if you’re hungry) coming from God knows where, the god Pan and other interesting characters, and… did I mention the confusing beets? I do not have the slightest idea where it might end, but I’m like a fly on a dish with honey… cannot get away, confused how this will continue, will probably die if I don’t find out how this is all connected. I’ll keep you posted… If I already aroused your interest with this description, get reading: Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins (something the lovely Jen talked about in one of her comments).


Started a while ago, but it feels just too “big” right now:

The Goldfinch, written by Donna Tartt. I think this book even won a Pulitzer. Not that that says anything about the quality, or whether you might end up liking it or not. Everyone raved about it, so when I saw a deal for the Kindle version and liked the excerpt, I got it. So far, I think I might have read the first few chapters but am constantly putting it aside when seeing the little note on the bottom that mentions so accurately how many days/hours/minutes you still have to read until you finish it. 🙂 This would be my current “take it with you to a lonely island” candidate, since it would provide hours (if not weeks) of entertainment. So far, I only know I like the way she writes. Better than nothing.


Just in from the library:

I should stop ordering books and then picking them up and putting them next to my bed. Am I an addict? Oh my god… it could be. So, my nightstand currently is home to “Letters of Mary”, the third Sherlock Holmes & Mary Russell adventure written by Laurie R. King, local author from this region that I now call home. Or is it already the fourth…? I don’t know. But the others were lovely, so I think this will be, too. Some time soon.


And the thing I am most curious about which I will start next:

“All Hallow at Eyre Hall”, written by the blogosphere’s very own Luccia from Rereading Jane Eyre.  A sequel to Jan Eyre (I love her), first part of a trilogy (always good if there is more when you like it), and apparently it has everything I love in a book: suspense, love, complications, and a lot of pages. 🙂 No beets so far. But nonetheless (or maybe just because of this fact), I am so looking forward to reading it, and to writing a review about a book written by someone I virtually know. Exciting times, folks, exciting times. By the way: if you want to read it before I do, the Kindle version is available on Amazon. But don’t you dare telling me how it ends!!!



What’s on your nightstand?
Which book do you want to read next?
What masterpiece is waiting to be finished?
Do you like reading at all, or do you have another way to unwind and put the mind at ease?
And do you also have things that you are terribly late for? 🙂
Let me know!


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