Aug 13 | Unplugged (Part I)

In case you have wondered what book I will review today, or what other exciting news and Bobs and adventures with sharp objects I might share with you this week… I have to disappoint you. But for a reason…

The other day, I realized that I spend a lot of time online and in social networks. And I like it a lot. Some of you with whom I interact have become more of a friend to me than some of the (former) friends I left behind in the “old world”.

But I wanted to try how it feels to get out of my “hamster wheel” for a while. And so this week, I try to use my usual outlets as little as possible. It’s an interesting experience, I can tell you that much already. Facebook, twitter, Instagram… I wasn’t aware how much I rely on these platforms already to be up-to-date, informed and to feel part of this world.

And since I didn’t want to leave you wondering whether you will hear/read of me or not – next week, friends, next week! There’s a new Bookworm Wednesday review coming up, and maybe some other exciting stuff I’ve been working on. Who knows? And who am I to spoil the surprise?

Thanks for following me nevertheless, and always keep your eyes open. It’s an amazing world out there, and there is so much to discover!


Ever thought about doing an “internet free period” for some time? Or teetotaling social media for a limited period?

I’d love to  hear about your experiences and your thoughts on that subject.




    • Hey Meredith! I think it’s the same for me. But being aware of the fact that there is a real life going on besides the virtual one… I don’t know why it surprised me so much, or why I suddenly had the feeling that I spent too much time online and way not enough imd offline. Limiting it is for the future, I think. More sun, less screen. In a way. Let’s see how long I can keep it up before I fall back into old habits. 🙂


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