Aug 20 | Bob of the Day

I am back. With music. And otherwise, too… šŸ™‚

Today, I am cheating a little. When I get into my car these days, I usually listen to music from a portable device (over the radio, of course, absolutely safe for use in traffic). A soundtrack, to be more specific.

A few weeks back, I saw this fun movie and it was highly entertaining. My taste in movies might seem a little strange for people who don’t know me (and it sometimes is for people who actually know me), but I am a sucker for Marvel comics. Always have been. So of course, every X-Men & Co is something I try to get on theĀ big screen. The last movie was pretty fun, but apart from featuring an awesome raccoon, what really stuck with me after the end was the soundtrack. It’s an amazingĀ compilation of 70’s and 80′ songs that are just fun to listen to… Especially the opening song – on full volume – waiting at a traffic light… makes people turn their heads. šŸ™‚


Please be indulgent to me, since I didn’t bother this time to find an original video (would have been from 1974, by the way… do you see a pattern here?! I do!)… So if you don’t like Marvel adaptations, or haven’t seen it yet and don’t want spoilers, or for whatever other reason this is just not your cup of tea (yes, it also contains a little violence…), close your eyes and listen while the fun lasts…

Hooked On A Feeling, performed by Blue Swede.



I do not own any rights to this clip, its contents, or any other clips I share here for “informational purposes”.



  1. I have always loved this song….I think we played in band…Mr. Gene was the coolest junior high band director EVER! The wind section did the “ooh ga chucka” parts while the rest of the band started playing…You may not notice the rockin’ flute part in the middle somewhere….but trust me…it’s there!!!
    My “jack of the day” was Van Halen …crap, I can’t think of the song now…I have Hooked on a Feelin’ stuck right at the front of my brain!!!!


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