Aug 20 | Unplugged (Part II)

Last week, I went offline for a little while.

Reason One was that the weekend before, my Facebook  had let me down and just conked out for two days in a row. Over the weekend. How daring!!! I felt isolated, cut off from the world, how on earth were I supposed to know what was happening out there?! Well… easy as pie. I just had to go out there and find out.

After a little abstinence from what means the world to me and a lot of people I know, I started thinking about my priorities. How I want to stay in touch with my friends. What I wanted to see during the day. Where and how I wanted to get information. And what I wanted to do with my time… I realized that somehow the digital universe is almost more important than the real world to me. And I love you all dearly, and love to blog, and love to hand out on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. But I also asked myself whether I really wanted to have the emphasis in my life and my communication where it is/was right now. And I decided I needed a little shift. More real contact, a little less virtual one. I felt unbalanced. And so I decided to cut the digital world some slack and to let it be for a while. It still would be there when I would come back. 🙂

Reason Two conveniently went hand in hand with Reason One. The hubby and I went on a camping trip. Over five days, we covered a little over 700 miles, I think, and saw the Sierras. Yosemite, Half Dome, El Capitan, waterfalls, more rocks, Mono Lake, Mammoth Lakes, other lakes, the sound of wind in trees and cicadas singing their songs. No cell phone reception, no internet, and new unforgettable impressions everywhere we looked.

It was amazing. The best short trip we took in a long time, and so different from where we currently live. We saw no bears, and I am really sad about that (also a little glad, go figure), but Giant Sequioas, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, rocks of all sizes, alkali flies and tiny shrimp that live in Mono Lake, exciting views, stars, the Milky Way, and…. I could continue this list forever. These few days really recharged my batteries and showed me a few things.

I love nature and being outdoors.

There is so much to see and do out here in California, and I just got started.

I also really like the fact that the world is at your fingertips, with the Internet and all that this little “invention” can make happen…

But… I need to spend more time doing other things. It’s good for me. The world won’t stop because I don’t check my Facebook timeline for ten minutes.

So: I will continue blogging and using every media outlet I can access. Because I like it. But maybe I will limit myself from time to time to see what else happens out there. And to meet my friends not only on the screen, but offline. A real life hug cannot be replaced by anything in the world…


Did you ever have the feeling that your life was taken over by something that is beyond control? Do you limit yourself when it comes to “online time”? And what’s your favorite offline thing? I’d love to hear your “voice” on this!





  1. I didn’t do it intentionally, but this back-to-school week (the one before and the first one back) was so full of activity and meetings and getting back into the swing of things, that I rarely sat down at the computer. Mom was pretty stressed out about it too, so she needed some extra TLC. And you’re right – the world did not end because I didn’t tweet or check in or update my status! I did miss seeing what everyone in my blog world was up to…so now I’m catching up!


  2. You’ve explored some of our favourite territory in California – the back side of the Sierra’s is an amazing area. Welcome back – we missed you but are glad you had a lovely bit of hols.


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