Sep 3 | Mystery Ending (Part II)

As announced previously, I have been working on some “mystery stuff”. 🙂
It took a little longer than a week (just to get started), but here’s the result…


August 29 | Start writing…

Being the “mom” of four (mostly) awesome furballs, I often wonder what it would be like to be a cat. Just for one day.

We treat our cats like family members, which they are… Some of my relationships (before I met the hubby) didn’t last as long as the cohabitation situation with our oldest cat. So of course, we love and cuddle them, clean the litter box, provide food and shelter and medical care (the latter is usually seems as absolute torture, of course). When it’s feeding time in the morning or evening, the human can opener / service provider feels like trapped in the middle of a starving herd of animals that have each at least 20 legs and show you very loud and clear that they are really STARVING to death if not fed immediately. Afterwards, a satisfied silence (and a little smacking) fills the room. After that, it’s off to doze in the sun or to grooming matters. Interrupted by the occasional trip to the kitty loo, they manage to take all the best seats in the house, pick out the sunniest spots and just snooze until… right, you guessed it, until it’s feeding time again. In between, there’s also play time of course when mice made of felt (and other toys), sometimes filled with tiny bells or catnip, are being mercilessly chased and theoretically killed. We also had a period when they would be “baptized” in the water bowl. That was a little intriguing, I must admit…

But apart from that… I really wonder what it would be like to be a cat. A day full of snoozing, grooming, sleeping, eating, cuddling, … sounds pretty heavenly to me.


August 30 | …add a quote from a recent conversation (email/PM/IM/etc.)…

Plus… you apparently can turn pretty much everything into a heavenly mattress. Like newspaper, for instance.


“Did you see the newspaper? The Japanese one, from the package we received the other day?”

“Of course… half of it is on the piano, half is still in the box we got it in. And there’s also tiny bits and pieces pretty much everywhere in the house.”

“And that is because…?!”

“Don’t ask me… Your cat (emphasis on YOUR cat!) seems to think it’S the ideal blanky or something, and one of the others loves the sound it makes when you rip it apart. They fight with it as if it were covered in catnip ink… and love to cuddle up to it.”

Yes. I had noticed, too. The Japanese newspaper section on the piano and in the box in the corner is currently the most frequented cat “place to be”.

I have to admit that covering yourself with newspaper and dozing off reminds me of different life circumstances than our cats actually have. But it seems cozy when you look at it. And maybe they also soak up the information while they’re sleeping on there?!


August 31 | …add something related to what your childhood self wanted to be when you grew up, or a dream you have for your future…

It’s funny because when I was small, instead of wanting to be a cat, I wanted to travel a lot. Maybe that’s why I also started learning Japanese when I was a lot older, or why I always was good at learning languages in general. At this point in my life, I haven’t seen as many countries as I wanted to yet. I could blame it on financial circumstances (which wouldn’t even be a lie), or maybe also on life, missing time, or whatnot. But I think deep down inside, I am also maybe not as adventurous as I thought. And I love being home… However – a few countries are still on the bucket list. And I will visit them at some point in the future (or rather, we will). And at that point, we’ll have to find an amazing cat sitter who loves our babies just as much as we do. Sometimes, that is really complicated. Finding a nice, decent and available cat sitter who takes care of the beasts doesn’t sound that complicated – but would you leave your kids with just anyone? 🙂 Luckily, a friend of mine is just that person you trust and who’s great with furballs. I feel that we already take a little too much advantage of her, so I have high hopes to meet other cat friends that I could “abuse” for this purpose and who are still hiding out there somewhere. Or maybe our feline friends learn to love to fly and walk around in a harness and on a leash, so that they could accompany us? Just imagine the vaCATion pictures. 🙂


September 1 | …add a reference to something currently in your refrigerator…

It would be nice to have them with us, because even though they are “only” our pets, I always miss them terribly when we’re apart. Having cat fur all over hotel rooms, though, and explaining to customs why we have exponentially more baggage than allowed and why all of it is filled with canned meat-by-product, specifically designed to help with a feline urinary diet… Hmm… Well, that might not be much fun.

And by the way: when thinking about that food (and other cat food, too), I probably am in one of the few “mind places” where I actually don’t want to be a cat anymore… On the other hand, I might enjoy full meal service and someone who prepares everything for me and does the shopping, too.


September 2 | …add something inspired by a song you heard today. If you didn’t hear any music, use something you read.

Anyhow. At this point, I think I’ll enjoy the kitties’ company while they are here and I am here. I enjoy their tantrums, their vomiting, their hair on all my clothing, their scratches and licks to wake me up when it’s time to feed them in the morning (usually at least two hours before it actually is time to feed them). I also enjoy feeding them, caring for them, taking them to the vet, applying disinfecting ointment to scratches, cleaning ears and other things, brushing them, and cleaning their litte rbox (not in that particular order, and not all of it to equal amounts). Mostly, I enjoy their unconditional love, their comforting presence when I’m sad, their cuddles, their affection, and their oddities. After all, they are individuals, and for me, also personalities. I wouldn’t want to miss them for all the _ _ _ (insert here what works for you) in the world.
With that, I may just retreat to a certain piece of Japanese newspaper for a nap. And maybe to dean of my cats, dancing to the Rodrigo and Gabriela song from “Puss in Boots”. 🙂


    • Ours always find a way into my lap. Or act as “kidney warmers” behind my back in the chair. Or if I really totally ignore them (which is all the time, of course), sitting on or walking over the keyboard works wonders, too. 🙂


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