Sep 15 | Bob of the Day

Or let’s say… almost. Today’s song – I had it on the tip of my tongue and totally on my mind. Until like five minutes ago. 🙂 Right now, my memory is a blank and I cannot remember it… just the idea of what it might have been.

So, it might have been this one, or it just reminded me of this one, or… or… or…

But anyway… I really like this song. Happy Monday!


Iris, performed by Goo Goo Dolls.



I do not own any rights to this clip, its contents, or any other clips I share here for “informational purposes”.



  1. I love this song, and since the only thing I listened to on the radio today and yesterday was “Mike and Mike” (thank goodness they don’t sing!) – I’m going to make this MY Bob of the day too!!!


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