Oct 3 | Happy German Day of Unity

14 years ago, East and West Germany reunited.

I might have mentioned before that I am not the most political person, but I still remember that it was a pretty exciting process that changed a lot for the years to come. Some might even have the impression that although it has been a while, the process isn’t quite finished yet… Anyway. Not my point. Since we moved, we are now missing* this kind of historic bank holiday…

Feel free to join in on the celebration, and if you find events of epic historical and political proportions fascinating, you can read up on the German reunification and also on the German Day of Unity – enjoy!

If you are wondering why, as a German who witnessed it all “first hand”, I don’t write a more personal story about it: I was pretty young, and don’t remember that much apart from the fact that one of my best friends at the time was from the East and had a super-funny accent and that bananas were a REALLY big thing for some “Easterners”.

So instead of coming up with an awkward, rather invented story, I thought I’d save us all the trouble. And with all the plagiarism these days, a direct link to Wikipedia might just be the thing to go with. 🙂


A little German flag "craziness" that happened during this year's Soccer World Cup.
A little German flag “craziness” that happened during this year’s Soccer World Cup.


* Yes. You might have guessed it. Truth to be told, we mostly miss the bank holiday.


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