Oct 10 | Bob of the Day

On my way home tonight, I hummed along to this fun song playing on the radio. And as I hummed along, it reminded me of my early childhood, when I first heard its catchy (and somewhat senseless?) lyrics. But hey… wait… My brain works super slowly these days, but after a few minutes even my fuzzy gray matter recognized that something German playing on the radio is kind of exceptional. And that’s why I wanted to share this with you. Don’t worry about not understanding it, it’s just fun to listen to and check out the amazing (*cough*) video. 🙂 Part of the lyrics are also in English, so you will definitely get a part of it!


Da Da Da / Ich lieb Dich nicht Du liebst mich nicht / Aha Aha Aha, performed by Trio.

Trio was a band from the Neue Deutsche Welle movement, if you are interested in more information, they have an English Wiki-entry.


Do you remember songs from your early days that are kind of quirky now? Please share them in the comments, I’d love to hear about your “funny music moments”!


I do not own any rights to this clip, its contents, or any other clips I share here for “informational purposes”.



  1. My Bob from yesterday was “Union of the Snake” from Duran Duran…it’s been floating around in my brain for hours. I love Duran Duran. My husband just rolls his eyes at me…Oh well – what does he know!!! I don’t have a good song from my past story, but last night as I was no sleeping, I turned on the tv to find an old episode of Matlock…oh my goodness…so dramatic. So ridiculous. The clothes. The hair. The really bad ‘murder shot’…but I still love Andy as Matlock. I always said my Daddy was a cross between Matlock and Foghorn Leghorn…now THERE’S a blast from my past!!!


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