Oct 23 | Quintet of Radiance Award

Quintet of Radiance

A while ago (I really blush while writing this, it feels like AGES and I only come to write about it now), Lisa of My Sweet Peanut was so kind to nominate me for a Quintet of Radiance Award, in the “aftermath” of her nomination for the very same and excellent award.

As the name suggests, the award bestowed upon me is a 5-in-1 package of award happiness – it unites the “Awesome Blog Content Award”, the “Most Influential Blogger Award”, the “Sunshine Award”, the “Inner Peace Award”, and last but not least the “Versatile Blogger Award”. Whoa… Thank you so much, Lisa, I feel pretty honored, humbled and overwhelmed!

At this point, I will follow Lisa’s example and take a closer peek at the facets of the quintet, and my potential relationship to them…

  • Awesome Content | Hmm… Since I am my worst critic in so many ways, I often think it’s not that awesome, but hey… I still publish it and like it and love it when people read it. So this is a tentative “yes?!?”, I’d say.
  • Most Influential | Most? Certainly not. Influential? Sometimes. If something I come up with just lightens up one person’s day, I consider myself influential enough. 🙂 You don’t have to move mountains to make it count…
  • Sunshine | Well… Every cloud has a silver lining. The sun has to come out eventually. Sometimes it just takes a little longer.
  • Inner Peace | This one’s a clear “No” at this point. But I’m working on it!
  • Versatile | Definitely.

Of course, after the shock (another award? for me? *unbelievable*) and the feeling-honored-and-thankful part comes thinking about what this might mean (if you’re one to delve into deeper meanings). Currently, I have to admit that at least 60% of the criteria make me feel at unease. Probably because I am not happy with myself, or because I am a deeply insecure person. But hey – everyone has flaws, and as long as you acknowledge them, you have something that you can work on, right?!

This award also made me realize how much I enjoy following other bloggers’ stories, their life, their passions, and all the other content they share. Thanks folks for making the blogosphere this amazing, and putting YOU out there every time you post! Happiness, silliness, misery, fun, insights, DIY tips, feeling connected, sharing & caring, and so much more are always just a click away – I absolutely love it!

So… that being sad, back to the award. Of course, it has rules (that you can bend a little probably, and I most likely will do so).

  • Display the badge in a post. | Done. And I am even working on a little awards page that will show my few little trophies in all their glory.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back. | Thanks Lisa. Following you has been very rewarding so far – I love to read what you are sharing with us, even if it sometimes makes my heart hurt. And I particularly love Sophie!
  • Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or phrase. | See below.
  • Nominate a few bloggers. | This might be the hardest task, as a lot of the bloggers I follow already have “over-nomination-issues”. But I’ll figure something out!

And as promised,  here are some insights into hubilicious from A to Z.

  • A… pretty good cook.
  • Blogger. 
  • Cat lady. Sometimes even crazy. And a Craft beer fan.
  • Drama queen (on occasion, just ask my husband). DIYer.
  • Eating. I love it.
  • Foodie. With a capital F. If you only could see the pictures on my phone…
  • Glass half-empty girl (I stole that from Lisa, although her glass was half-full! :-)) Also: German.
  • Helpful.
  • Imaginative.
  • Jumpy-house. With the neighborhood kids. We totally rock it.
  • Kiddy-ish. Adult, too.
  • Loyal.
  • Meike. My first name. Drives American people crazy when it comes to spelling and pronunciation.
  • Not a morning person.
  • Optimistically pessimist (trying to reverse the order / to cross one out – guess which?).
  • Power tool lover.
  • Questing for inner peace, harmony & patience, and the perfect Ramen.
  • Reading. One of my favorite pastimes.
  • Sushi aficionada (love making it, love eating it, love staring at pictures of it, …).
  • Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Following Jean-Luc’s example. Trekkie also starts with a ‘T’. As does “Tech Junkie”.
  • Unbelievably naive/stubborn/opinionated/(tbc) from time to time.
  • Vulnerable. Volvo driver. I wonder whether there are other “vulnerable Volvo drivers” out there.
  • “Wonderer” (about life, birds, planes, plants, pretty much everything and its existence).
  • X-Men addict.
  • Y-asker (yes, it doesn’t stop when you go to elementary school) & young at heart.
  • Zumba-resumer (hopefully soon).


As for the favorite blogs to nominate…

As I would love to dive a little deeper into the blogs I follow, and maybe also closer get to know some new ones (to see who’s out there who might be a good fit), this part will follow later. Bear with me on my quest, I’ll let you know as soon as we have some nominees for you to discover!!!



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