Oct 29 | Bob of the Day

The other day, I got a bad case of an earworm… It’s still with me now, so I thought I’d share it with you. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved, right?!

It started out as an innocuous song…


Sweet Dreams, performed by Eurythmics.


But since I am not only someone who loves to listen to Bob, but who’s also a major foodie, I immediately had this on my mind, too (and always have had it on my mind when the song started playing since I stumbled over it…). Sing along if you like…!

Sweet Dreams_1
Picture: Reddit


So this is what I have been humming for the last two days! Catchy, isn’t it? Which earworm “bugged” you last?


PS: Great discovery while searching for this picture quote – it also comes as a wall decal. You certainly know someone who would love this for Christmas, right?! Just saying… 🙂

Sweet Dreams_2
Best wall decal for cheese lovers ever. And available in a ton of colors, too.



I do not own any rights to this clip, its contents, or any other clips I share here for “informational purposes”.


One comment

  1. Love the song and love the “cheesy” version of it!!! Unfortunately my earworm I got stuck with all day today is not of that quality! After I wrote my post about that song I could not get rid of “Timber”…


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