Nov 15 | Flashback

Well, I said I would be back, and then I got sidetracked again. Story of my life…

However, this is a short retrospective of what happened since 2015 started. Or at least part of it.


Applied for something new. It worked. Quit my old job with due notice. Most awkward two weeks of my working life so far. Started something new.


No regrets about the January decision. Not for one single moment. Learned a LOT of new things every day. Loved every bit of it!


Trip to Germany. After moving to a place where the sun shines relatively often, a great reminder of how long winters with dark grey skies, wet and cold weather and absence of sunlight turns people into less happier versions of their summer-selves. Realized how happy and privileged we are to live where we live now.


Life-changing events. After realizing my hearing wasn’t what it used to be, I found out I had Otosclerosis. A disease causing conductive hearing loss. Sound does not get completely transferred to the inner ear, and voilà, all becomes muffled. This is complaining on a high level. It is no terminal illness, I know. But for me, it made a difference.

“Muffled is meh”. I decided to have surgery, and have someone poke around in my ear. Internally, I freaked out. Externally, I had someone very competent pulverize some bone with a laser, and replace it with a tiny prosthetic. Followed by intense dizziness, swelling, more muffled hearing, and stumbling around. Learned that I totally underestimated how much my ears had to do with my balance. Thankful for health insurance. People to lean on. And walls.


The healing continued. This process takes a long time, apparently up to nine months until everything is completely healed. Wow. Meanwhile, we took a trip to San Diego. I saw Pandas for the first time in my life. Generally not a big fan of zoos and animals in captivity, but this was amazing. Also on the sightseeing “menu”: an aircraft carrier, a cat café, a local brewery, and countless culinary spots. My walking shoes served me well.


Nothing exciting. Early summer. Old and new friends. Visitors. Sleep. Eat. Work. Repeat.


More of the same. 4th of July. And a lot of cat sitting. Other people’s cats somehow always seem better behaved than the own ones. Also, scientific proof that the ear surgery worked. What a relief.


Wedding anniversary. Beach picnic with the best Californian colleagues ever (still love my “new” job). Camping trip to Yosemite. Hiking. Tents. Campfires. Waterfalls. Amazing views. Grateful for every bit of it. Cut short because of the plague. Yes, the PLAGUE. And after camping, visit from the parents.


Worked 12 straight days in a row (a first for me). Labor Day. Walks by the ocean. Planted some beets. Enjoyed watching them grow.


Life slows down for fall. The beets grew more. Visit from my brother-in-law, which was great. Work, drive, eat, sleep.


Now. Beet harvest. Thoughts about being crazy and doing the turkey thing for Thanksgiving…


The year went by in a flash. In a few weeks, the next one will start. I have no idea how 2015 can already be almost over, nor what all happened this year. Some moments where pretty defining. I learned a lot about myself again. Some things are good, some things can be improved. At this point, I am grateful for the love of my life being by my side. For good friends, because you don’t need many, you just need the right ones. For encounters that happened and people that stayed. Did I achieve something great so far? No idea. Everyone always wants more from life. I know I often want to be happier. Slimmer. Faster. Friendlier. Sometimes, I feel content these days. It’s a good start. It counts.

How was your 2015 so far?

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