Jan 3 | F*#§%$ resolutions!

If you think I was referring to the omnipresent F-word you thought about… Sorry to disappoint you. What I meant is:

F O R G E T  resolutions!

Nothing else. (And yes, you can count the letters, it works out)

Whenever I made exciting plans for the new year, thought about what I wanted to change and what should be different, I never went through with it. You know what I mean. Be nicer. Eat healthier. Drink less. Travel places. Renounce carbs. Lose weight. Blog more.

Been there, done that. And it never went well.

I usually tried to coax myself into following up by making my resolutions public. There might even be a blog post somewhere here about my early 2015 resolutions*. Truth is if I succeeded at making them come true, it is not because I thought about them on Dec 31, 2014 and Jan 1, 2015. Or because I wrote about them here. Actually, the more I told people about anything I ever wanted to achieve, the less likely it was to happen. Story of my life.

But if it was within me, something I deeply cared about that constantly popped up here and there. Then it wasn’t so hard.

If you want to change habits and make something happen, it is already within you to make it happen. You don’t need a start date. You don’t need a reason. You can start slowly, or you can start at a staggering 120 %. But as soon as you start, you made the first step.

I started something. Last week. I won’t tell what it is. But so far, it worked. Implementing a habit is hard if you often lack self-discipline (yes, I do). But I am determined. I read somewhere that some people need longer to make habits happen and for some, it comes easily. I’ll revisit this in two months time. And if it works out, I will tackle the next thing.

Eating long noodles for a long life on Jan 1, 2016. Let's see if it works. If not, they were at least really delicious.
Eating long noodles for a long life on Jan 1, 2016. Let’s see if it works. If not, they were at least really delicious.


* Found it here. Let me guarantee you that my success in all these departments is kind of debatable. I think I made progress on two out of five. Most of the time. 🙂 

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