Jan 30 | Before I die …

Pondering on things is like a second nature to me (yes, ask my friends). What makes me ponder even more is the death of a loved one.  It raises even more questions and brings different matters to light than the “usual suspects” and most popular “what ifs”. Emotion is a powerful trigger, and it was recently pulled.

After losing someone she loved, an amazing artist created something you might have heard about in the media or online or seen it at your local bookstore. It is beautiful, inspiring, and a good reminder on living life at its fullest.

Here is my personal wall…


Before I die I want to…

experience inner peace
go zip-lining
make someone see how special and beautiful and amazing they are even though they don’t believe in themselves
become a good storyteller
go to Portland, Austin, Seattle, Alaska, Japan, Iceland, …
eat at the French Laundry
learn Spanish
change someone’s life
eat pasta with Susanne at least once more
become better with power tools
drink cocktails on a beach in Hawaii, seeing the sun set and rise again
make a difference
live up to my own expectations
sleep well
drive down a coastal highway in an old Ford Mustang convertible
build something that lasts
make someone feel truly loved as a friend
learn how to make cheese
always stay with my love
go diving in blue waters and swim with Mantas
have no regrets
see Dave Matthews live

[to be continued]



For my father.
And my grandfather.

Always with me.


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