Mar 8 | Bob of the Day

It’s been a while since I actually listened to BOB, but while I still look for a more fitting name, bear with me. 🙂 I still listen to music, however. And the other day, while reminiscing a great summer I had with a friend in Paris, this song came to mind.

It was the “theme song”, if you can call it that, of our favorite bar on the Rue Mouffetard in Paris. Located in the 5th arrondissement, right around the corner from work, we spent there many an evening, meeting locals, making new international friends, and enjoying one or the other drink. And also maybe one or the other crush… 🙂

I wonder whether the 5th Bar is still around…

Anyhow, enjoy “the 5th Bar Song” aka:
Crush, performed by Dave Matthews Band.


And if you have suggestions how to rename the category, please feel free to share!


I do not own any rights to this clip, its contents, or any other clips I share here for “informational purposes”.


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