Hello there, and WELCOME, curious wanderer of my blog.

I’m Meike. Born and raised in Sprockhövel, Germany, I spent the first 20-something years of my life in an area that blossomed from former coal-mining and steel producing region to … well, definitely something else. Arts, tech and design are on the rise, so maybe the Ruhr Area will be the next Silicon Valley. Who knows?!

After some serious education in familiar surroundings, wanderlust got the better of me, and I moved to France (for even more education). From Paris to the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, and then back to Germany for the “grand finale”. After that, I spent some more time here and there, met and fell in love with my husband, got married, “adopted” (four fur children) and then…

Big changes. BIG! We decided to give “what ifs” no chance and try to live a dream. We moved to California. A 40 feet overseas container, him, me, the four cats, our grand piano…

This blog was created to allow friends and family in the motherland to stay up to date, to give new friends and old acquaintances some fun things to read, and to allow me to write some sort of “public diary” about everything from daily adventures to my passion for cooking to writing about the new surroundings, books, movies, and other important and/or not so important stuff. Basically this and that and a little more of something else.

If you are wondering where the name comes from:
“hubilicious” is a wordplay* on my nickname…


Again, welcome. I hope you stay to read, and that you come back from time to time for a visit!



*  Attention, smart-assing ahead: Did you know that “paronomasia” apparently means something similar to wordplay? And doesn’t it sound just AWEsome? 🙂


Want to get in touch? Try this!
You are welcome to email me, or leave a comment under a blog post.

The content of this blog may not be used, copied, reproduced or photocopied without my consent. The same goes for the pictures which – if not tagged otherwise – were taken by me and thus also cannot be used for your purposes as you wish without my consent. If you want to link to my blog, feel free – and thanks!



    • Thank you SOOO MUCH Lisa!!! This means the world to me, and I gladly/happily/joyously (is that a word?) accept and will honor it (hopefully) soon with an adequate post!!! Last week, I took a little offline time – we went to Yosemite, Mono Lake and beyond. It was amazing, and my batteries are kind of recharged to blog on now!

      Thanks again. And :-*


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