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After joining in on the Writing 101 Challenge of The Daily Post, I discovered so many nice blogs, varying from poetry to everyday adventures to … so much more, that it kind of blew the blogroll in my side bar…

So I decided to make it a separate page, keep it in order and allow you to browse it.

You can either browse the “personal recommendations” below, the sidebar with the little square pictures (all dear fellow WordPress bloggers), or the list of links that’s sitting below which leads you to even more amazing content to discover!

The blogs on this page are not in chronological order, rather at random.
No order, no intent.
Because I like it.
We all could need a little randomness in our lives!


Blogs I already followed before #Writing101 – and also some other links

Hallo.Hello.Moshi Moshi. | Moving is contagious. Before we moved to California, my friend Susanne moved to Japan. Married and now residing in Tokyo, she writes about her new Japanese home. 🇩🇪

merrypad | Inspiring homeowners to embrace a DIY lifestyle. Emily is a home improvement enthusiast sharing great DIY projects, remodeling tips and the occasional insight into her life with us. Check her out – I love her site! 🇺🇸

Lila Lummerland | A dear former colleague blogs about what she likes and what not – product tests for food and cosmetics, book review, other blogs and web shops – you name it. Definitely worth a peek! 🇩🇪

Sandshop | Whether it’s the ‘Periodic Table of Childhood’ or the most amazing Siamese Cat print – this shop has it. Great and super cute products, especially for kids (or new parents) from birth to junior years. Also for people young at heart. 🙂 🇺🇸

Stealingsand | Colleen from the Sandshop also has a blog. Music, musings, drawings, and her life. Yeah! 🇺🇸

Design*Sponge | Excellent and sintering design blog covering DIY, entertaining, before & after features, and so much more. 🇺🇸

Oh God, my wife is German | The hilarious stories of a graphic designer from Portland, Oregon, married to a German woman and now living in Hannover, Germany. Excellent reads and great laughs. 🇺🇸


Delicious food blogs for toothsome inspirations

David Lebovitz | Professional baker and cook, David left the restaurant business (and the USA) at some point and now lives ‘the sweet life’ in Paris, writing cook books and publishing things on his excellent website/blog. Great pictures, delicious recipes. 🇺🇸

the toasted sprinkle | Ace lives in New York, together with her cat Mr. Schrödinger Bean. She loves baking, is a cat person and thinks everything is better with sprinkles – need I say more about why I follow her blog? 🙂 🇺🇸

Chocolate & Zucchini | Clotilde is a French food writer based in Paris who shares her passion for all things food-related, focusing on fresh, colorful and seasonal treats from the kitchen, both savory and sweet. 🇺🇸 🇫🇷

Punk Domestics | The (maybe even THE) site for the hardcore DIY food enthusiast where members share experiences in home food preservation in areas such as canning, preserving, pickling, dehydrating, curing meats, making cheese, home brewing, foraging and microfarming. 🇺🇸

Slow Club Cookery | Kara is a vegan baker/eater/cook, lover of delicious things that grow in the ground and on trees. If you look to broaden your culinary horizon, look no further. Check her out! 🇺🇸

i am a food blog | ‘I’m Stephanie, just your average girl who loves food and photography.’ This is probably THE understatement of the year. Stephanie’s recipes are great, her pictures are amazing, and she also wrote a book. 🙂 Totally average. 🇺🇸


Great blogs and people I discovered through #Writing101

The Daily Post | Daily doses of inspiration and guidance help you be the best blogger you can be. Excellent daily prompts and challenges. 🇺🇸

ronovanwrites | Ronovan shares his world as he rediscovers it after having lost part of it not long ago (his words, not mine). He has a unique perspective on life, and writes about it in various forms – fiction, poetry, pictures, you name it. Inspirational, encouraging, honest. I am happy I ‘found’ him through #Writing101.  🇺🇸

Ways of Life | Cielo is an easy going, amicable blogger and a self proclaimed make up addict. She shares insights about that (yes, make up), products, cats, writing, and so much more. Looking for a good laugh? Visit her blog! 🇺🇸

Zental Floss | Paralegal, psychotherapist, retired, now blogger. Sharing stories between hilarious and serious, and even with a great motto: ‘Flossing minds and hearts for over 50 years!’ 🇺🇸

Eclectic Odds n Sods | Justine (woman, mother, wife) shares her musings about parenting, pet tales, and learning difficulties. Sometimes even with a little humorous twist. 🇺🇸

Love Happy Notes | Daily fun and inspiration, and the quest for silliness, joy, and wisdom, from an optimistic minstrel’s den. A great quest to follow and join! 🇺🇸

Nonsense & Shenanigans | Tempest Rose tries to make sense out of nonsense and shenanigans. According to her, she usually achieves the opposite. 🙂 But who doesn’t?! 🇺🇸

At my table |  According to her slogan ‘meals, moment, marcella’, the author of this blog currently cooks her way through an excellent Italian cookbook and gathers friends at her table to discuss life over yummy Mediterranean meals. 🇺🇸

urbandementria | Footnotes from her life in India, this blog offers inspiration, motivation and insights into a whole different world (at least for me). Thanks for sharing! 🇺🇸

Kate Ming-Sun Outdoors | Kate is a writer and photographer with a passion for getting outside and exploring new places. Discover her memories, opinions, and stories. 🇺🇸


to be continued…


🇩🇪 Blogging/Writing in German
🇺🇸 Blogging/Writing in English
🇫🇷 Blogging/Writing in French


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